2017 season set to begin

2017 Schedules are posted in Panther Prints. All levels, CYC, and Metro schedules. 2016-17 Senior Preston Porter will continue his career at Sheperd University in West Virginia. Congrats to Preston. Photos taken by Bri Honma

Freshman Tyler Collico scored three goals as the University of Missouri-St. Louis men's soccer team posted a 4-1 victory over Lake Erie. Click the headline to follow Tyler's freshman season at UMSL.

Senior goaltender Joe Guitthes was named O'Fallon Progress Athlete of the Week for the week of September 9th.

08/23Mater DeiBelleville WestW 3-18PM
08/25MarionFreeburgW 2-18PM
08/30TriadTriadL 2-14:15PM
09/01EdwardsvilleOTHSL 2-15PM
09/02St. XavierSLUHT 0-07PM
09/03GlendaleSLUHW 2-112PM
09/06CollinsvilleCollinsvilleL 4-25PM
09/08AltonOTHSW 1-05PM
09/13Belleville EastBelleville EastW 5-15PM
09/20VianneyCYCT 1-17:45PM
09/21St. Mary'sCYCW 4-16PM
09/22ChaminadeCYCL 1-06PM
09/26MarionOTHSW 5-25PM
09/27Belleville WestBelleville WestW 1-05PM
09/29Chatham-GlenwoodChathamL 1-05PM
10/06Waterloo GibaultGibault W 1-05PM
10/10HighlandOTHST 1-15PM
10/13Granite City OTHSW 4-05PM
10/18Belleville WestOTHS (Regional Semis)W 1-07PM
10/22QuincyQuincy (Regional Finals) 5PM
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8/17/2017 8:48:01 PM